Anyone ever bought a BDC from leupold custom shop????

You can order scope with the cds dial, not any more than a like model $550 for a 4-14x40 in cabelas. They work as good as the other type dials, bdc that most agree that for the longer shots there is room for error for conditions.The dial is about 1/2 " high, 14 yr.old shot his bull at 540 w/dial up. The dial on a VX3 is $90 installed, about 1/2 labor, because a dial alone is $50. With install they give you a 1/4 moa dial standard, other scope models just calltheir custom shop and get a qoute
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I just got mine back from Leupold. I had the M1 style Elavation turret put on, and replaced the reticle with TMR . I feel its easier to dope for wind through reticle. They pretty much refurbished the whole scope. Replaced the objective lens(didn't know there was anything wrong with it ) , new springs etc.. I am very happy with the service . The total cost was $300. I am glade I did it . lightbulb
About 3 weeks turn around . I got two phone calls from them. I almost hung up - thought they were tell-a - marketers. They didn't say when they called. I purchased the scope in 1996. It hasn't seen much action in the last couple of years. The M1 turret is kind of tall, but its on a 700 Rem varminter 243. I plan to eventually go to 95gr Berger VLD bullets about 2900 '/s. I got big dreams. Good lucklightbulb
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