Another which scope thread


Sep 28, 2009
I've narrowed the search down to 3 different scopes, just curious what yall's opinion would be as to which one would be the best. The 3 are the Kahles helia CL 4-12x52, Bushnell elite 6500 and Leupold vxiii. All in the same price range and all are quality optics. I know the warranties are different with all 3 but leupold's is hard to beat, with that in mind, what do you all think? They'll be paired with a rem 700vs in 308.
Kahles - best glass, worst warranty (company still in flux and you might have to send it to Europe for work)

Bushnell - medium glass, medium warranty, best bells and whistles

Leupold - worst glass, best warranty

I know you say you have narrowed it down to these three, but just out of curiosity, why not the Zeiss Conquest with the RapidZ 1000 which is made for the 308? Exceedingly clear glass, great warranty, in the same price range.
Woods, thanks for the reply, i was seriously looking into the conquest and if i had it my way thats the route i'd go. The conquest is just a bit much out of my price range though. I was looking at the one on the optics for sale page and jumped on it about 15 minutes to late. The Leupold was also for sale there and the other two are on ebay and My budget right now is between $550-$650 so i decided to go with the leupold mainly because of the rock solid warranty and it was at the lower end of my price range. I'm just getting into lr shooting, hopefully sometime i'll be able to get a conquest but it just not in the cards right now.

Of your choices (IMHO, optics are very comparable), I'd go with Leupolds but get the one that best works for your style of shooting/hunting. I like Leupolds for their forgiving eye relief which is critical for me ... most scopes have an eye relief between 3.0-3.5" some of my Leupolds go to 4.7/5.0".

BTW, the new VX3s optics are not the same as the VIIIs ... VX-3 has Xtended Twilight Lens System, DiamondCoat 2 lens coating, blackened lens edges, second generation waterproofing, twin bias spring erector system, and cryogenically treated adjustments.

Good luck and happy safe shooting/hunting.

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