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Jan 4, 2004
Western Colorado
Hi folks, this is my first post here, glad to "meet" you all. I just bought a Cooper 22-250 for PD's this summer. I have an IOR 4x14 that I am considering using, but am also considering going to IOR's 6x24. I have very little experience shooting out beyond 400 yds or so, and would appreciate any thoughts on these mag ranges at 22-250 range.
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On my 22-250 I have a fixed 12 Leupold and that works for me. My higher power scopes are on the farther reaching rifles.

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I have a 12X42 Nightforce on a couple of my varmint rigs. When shooting out to 500yds I keep the magnification down to 12x. Clarity is far more important than power at this range.
Too much magnification can be a big disadvantage when locating small varmints through the scope or when dealing with mirage.
Either scope that you mentioned should work fine for shooting PD's. The 6x24 might be better for precise shooting at the range.IMO

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I have some 12x leupold on varmint hand guns and like them. For my rifles I have a B&L 6x24 and Nighrforce 8x32 I like the variable power on the rifles. The IOR 6x24 would make a nice complement to your Cooper
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