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Steel Rain

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Jan 20, 2011
Hello. So, I have a Savage LA staggerfeed. I have a .308 Win barrel and some other parts coming. My question, if I use CDI BM will I be able to reliably cycle rounds from a .300 WM Accuracy International magazine? Just trying to figure out what will work before I get invested. Wasn't really looking to get CDI BM but I'm having trouble finding a Savage LA floorplate and floorplate spacer. Thanks.
I can't answer your specific question, but I just had CDI do an install on my 300 WM and I recommend their product and services. They will inlet your stock, install the bottom metal, and make sure your mags feed properly... all included in the price of the bottom metal... you just have to ship them your gun
There is no need to go through an FFL either way... Individuals can legally ship firearms to and from licensed repair/gunsmith facilities without having to do the FFL route... Give CDI a call.. they were very helpful...
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