Aftermarket Triggers for Browning A bolts and X bolts


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Dec 25, 2007
Youngsville, NC
Recently, I had two people ask me to do trigger jobs on their Brownings. One a brand new X bolt and the other a 2 year old A bolt.

I am familiar with the springs available from Timney and Rifle Basix.

In my opinion there is only one thing worse than one screw pot metal trigger and that is a dishonest manufacture. "Infinately adjustable between 3 pounds and 6 pounds." There expecataions and mine are far from the same.

I expect a 3-4 leaver trigger with adjustments for sear engagement, over travel and trigger pull for the price these rifle sell for.

I adjusted the X bolt trigger to 2.5 lb pull but it would not win any awards in the creep and overtravel department.

Got any suggestions?

Nat Lambeth

I feel your pain. I've done a few myself with less than desirable results. Two of them were mine. I just left them as good as I could get them and never looked back.

Moyer's makes a trigger for the Browning A-Bolt that is adjustable for over travel, take up, and weight. 2-4 lbs.

Brownell's carries them under part number's #577-000-001AB for long shoe, and # 577-000-005AB for short shoe.

Cost $115.00.

Had they been around when I did mine I would certainly have given them a chance.

I just did a similar job on a Mark V, and the spring would not adjust down to less than 3 lbs. I pulled the spring out, cut it down, and restreched it to the origonal length. I might get trashed on here for doing it, but it seemed to work well.

One other thought is to measure the spring diameter and length with calipers and order one of the same size from McMaster Kerr. I would buy 3-4 different spring constants "K" so you will have a few to try (there only a $1 or so each). I havent looked yet but plan to do so. The spring constant is how strong the spring is. The factory ones are too strong and this is why they will not turn down enough. Sorry I cant tell you what the K value actually is. That part will be trial and error.

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