After all this long range stuff....

Jon A

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Dec 28, 2001
Mukilteo, WA
I ended up shooting this fellow at about 15 yds:


But if he had been farther out, I would have been ready!

Oh well, sneaking up to a buck like this in the brush is very satisfying as well.
Yup, a 240 MK can kill them at short range....

Overall, it was probably the best year for us:



Bigger bucks have been taken, but never have they averaged so big.

Anyway, I got him quickly and that left some time to get my LR fix whacking the gong....

It's all good.
Nice buck, bucks.
Got my moose last year at 15yds too, 416wby and a 400gr XLC right behind the ear. Ya take em when you can get em. Only one more day of season left in my case, I was real thankfull at that point.
****, nice bucks. Where do you hunt?? All four of those bucks are bigger then the biggest buck I ever took. So job well done. Forget about the range, it's results that matter.
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