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Affordable 338 Rum

Not me.ive owned 3 different 338. But I like the recoil on the creedmoor.
Hi grouse - I sent you a PM. I've got an Accurate Ordinance build in 338 RUM that I've been thinking of selling. Built it for a Brown Bear hunt and did that hunt. It's an awesome rifle, but I don't tend to pick it up and use it when it's sitting right next to my 300 PRC. So it's kind of just sitting in my safe.
I built a budget 338 RUM. Shoots real good and is quite manageable. B-52 action, 26inch 3B barrel, terrain stock, CIP bottom metal. topped with a NXS scope(wearing an NX8 in photo)she is still lightweight enough for hunting But Dose not beat me up😊 didn’t cost me much to put it together but that was two years ago. Would be at least $600 more to do now.


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