Advice re: Scope Combination 3 in 1 for both Crossbow AND Rifle


Oct 28, 2020
Hi to all the respected, experienced members here

I am totally new to having recently purchased a 150 pound recurve crossbow (and subsequent to that a conventional compound crossbow after I realized it's range is much longer, therefore I am even newer to the conventional compound bow), but I was hoping to ask some advice regarding a suitable scope that I can use on both my crossbow, as well as on the rifle (the crossbow is slow at 210 feet per second, and 150 LBS, but the recoil even injured my elbow due to being unfit LOL).

May I ask what the respected, experienced members think of this scope below which is a combination of 3 (conventional, plus red dot plus laser attached to a single device). The link is below:

Many thanks again for your kind advice if you think this will be appropriate to use on both my crossbow and rifle.

Best regards

That sure seems slow for a 150 lb crossbow. However, I would have a dedicated Xbox scope just for the Xbox and a different one for the rifle. Not sure about the scope you have linked, but possibly on a rifle the recoil might make short living for that scope. Now you can go the other way by using a quality riflescope on that Xbox, but hope to have enough adjustment range if you have to make coarse adjustments since rifle scopes are typically 1/4 MOA adjustments per click.
Hi Rick Richard

Thank you kindly for the advice. This is simply an air rifle for now (but I might get a proper rifle in the near future). The crossbow is Chinese, shot gun pistol grip without a buttstock, light weight and cheap as a newbie starting off, but easy to carry in a backpack.

The scope appears to offer holographic plus laser plus magnification, and I could not find such scopes anywhere else, but online in China. Not sure what you and the other members think about the versatility because it appears not to have caught on in the western world yet (or maybe the capitalistic manufacturers prefer to split up the scopes into individual functions which makes more profit than the Chinese who are combining it for a fairly cheap price, but as you say, the quality might not very well not be of the same standard as the American scopes?

Many thanks to you and everyone else (most naturally I no not wish to offend anyone here).

Best regards

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