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  1. shooter2440

    shooter2440 New Member

    Aug 28, 2015
    Hello, new to the forum but have been reading on here a lot and decided to join. I am currently hung up on the chassis I want to throw my .308 700 in. I have narrowed it down to McRee G5 and the XLR element tac lite, both without folding stock. They are similarly priced and both have what I want. I will be doing 70% bench rest/long range (approx. 450yds) shooting and 30% hunting with this rifle. I just wanted to know which chassis carries better when hunting (QD sling)? I only ask because the XLR has that proprietary buffer tube that I worry about everything spinning around it as opposed to the McRee being fixed and bolted. But I haven't read any bad things about either chassis so I wanted to get a better idea of these two chassis, and only these two chassis. Thank you.