? about cross slot rings


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Feb 22, 2002
Kenedy, Texas
I have a Ken Farrell 20moa one piece base
for a long action Remington. It is a "Weaver
style" base yet it has the 10 cross slots
like a Picatany{spelling?} style base. Can
some one tell me the most economical cross
slot rings that I may use on this base.
30mm high black matte is the rings I need
for my scope. Thanks for the reply. GEG
Check out the Warne MAXIMA rings, they are very strong and reliable. Cost under 50 bucks. www.warnescopemounts.com
Come in 30mm high no sweat.

Leupold sells a similar ring called the QRW, not sure if it is available in a high 30mm tho.
Good luck.
Grady-- Did you get my email? I don't think you could go wrong with the Burris' Signature Zee's.
Yes I got your email and wrote back that after I put the ruler to it, with the Ken Farrell bases already 7/16" off the action,
those high Zee's even with my 56mm obj. scope, would not let me even touch the stock
when I try to line up on center line of the scope. Thanks for your time. GEG
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