A good find? Old school Christensen Arms Hunter

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  1. dakotakidd

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    Feb 21, 2014
    Local gun shop got in an older Christensen Hunter. Its a 300 wsm, has a stainless Remington action (still stamped Remington 700 on the action) and a 24"(i think) barrel that is not threaded. Wears a ADL Bell and Carlson Alaskan stock that has been reamed out to fit the carbon barrel. I don't know the back story to it and they don't either. The bore is bright and rifling looks fine, it's a little rough but would clean up nice. They want $800 for it and I could maybe work them down a few bucks...anyone know what it's worth??? Or anyone know when it would have been made, or is it an action that was sent in and re-barreled by Christensen?
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    Feb 14, 2014
    I bought one around 2010 out of the cabelas gun room. It was used but fairly fresh and chambered in 300 rum. I didn't do my research and paid way too much for it. It shot relatively well and I eventually wore the bbl out. I rebarreled with a 26" proof and it's shot even better since. The smith that did the work was curious and split the carbon to see what the barrel looked like. It was just a factory Remington sported barrel underneath. Not turned and still had all the stamps. With all that being said, I think 7-800 bucks is a fair price since the bbl looks good on it.
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    Apr 3, 2009
    I wouldn't gamble on an old Christensen. Save up and get a new one.
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