A Good Day of Hunting and Dogs

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    May 24, 2012
    Well, Dr/Ms Chopperguy is the proud owner of a F3 Game Gun.

    This nice little F3 is the recently imported slightly under 7 pounds 12 bore Blaser shotgun that I've fallen in love with.

    The Game Gun has a more open Prince of Wales grip radius and a slender English style fore end with no scannable on the end. It also does not come with the adjustable weight installed in the stock or fore end.

    These omissions makes this shotgun a delight to carry and shoot in the field.

    For her hunting I have some great RST Ammunition 7/8 & 1 oz. field loads. They were obviously very effective on the chukar and pheasants today.

    While her gun is right handed cast, it is very easy for us left handed guys to shoot as the cast is not very much. It has the 29" barrel option with flush Briley choke tubes in it.

    While we haven't had the stock cut to fit her better, it will be eventually. She's used to shooting longer stocked shotguns and did well on this trip accounting for her share of the birds.

    All in all I REALLY like the F3 Game gun. Obviously she does. After she saw and handled one in person while I worked at the FITASC nationals in August, when said she'd like to have one. Who am I to deny her!

    A really nice birthday/Christmas present for her. I'll have the stock fitted after the bird seasons shut down when the fast approaching dull & snowy winter shuts down out local hunting.

    The pic of her and our 2 year old GSP Pepper with a nice brace of Chukar and one of the 3 pheasants we got on today's hunt. These GSPs of ours are great on pheasants and just as good on ruffed grouse in the woods around here.


    BTW - I have a Game Gun ordered for myself. It is going to be something special and I'll post pics and story about it when it's received.

    Come on Blaser!