SOLD/EXPIRED A Bolt Replacement stock, a little help?


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Jul 19, 2009
New Bern, NC
Recently looked at an A Bolt in 300 WSM, great feelin' rifle, super clean otherwise but the stock looked like it had been behind the truck seat for a bunch of miles! So I started looking for a replacment stock that maybe I could buy and not spend a new truck payment for there such an animal? I've gotten dizzy surfing the internet and Googling and haven't even found a company that listed one!!! Any suggestions?

Pick a spot, a LITTLE spot....squeeze.....
Check Stocky's Stocks. They are a sponsor here.
I just bought a Bell & Carlson Medalist for a A-bolt L/A. Good feeling stock and a really good price. I also hear that Joe Russo does excellent work also. Keep us posted.
Thanks! Looked at Stocky's, great pricing as indicated. Also emailed Joel and response was almost immediate! I think the work he does is fantastic and as soon as I get my pennies together I'll have him build a stock for me, the extra money will probably be worth it! Thanks again!
I bought a Boyd thumbhole laminate last year. It needed finishing but I did it myself and it turned out good. I think I paid $175 for it and another 50 into bedding and finishing. CDN $ that is.