800yd Coyote/ varmint rifle

Build it and see how it does. Maybe it will do everything you want it to. I don’t have any first hand experience with one but it just doesn’t look like it is significantly better than shooting heavy 5.56 loads but your ammo choices will be much more limited.
I'd probably concentrate on the 108 ELDM for longer distances on yote. But here's the caveat, so far AR15 loads don't seem to have the velocities needed to take full advantage of this round. It would have better ballistics advantage to my 75gr ELDM AR15 load, but not by much. I'd probably designated out to 600 yards and leave the longer coyotes for my bolt rifles. But don't let my opinion dissuade you, look up actual AR15 velocities yourself and then decide.
It should work as far as being lethal, with a good bullet. Kill zone maybe 1 moa. Better pray for no wind. I think Josh on Coyote Down video shot one around that distance.
Pay attention to what optic he's using ..Swarovski with auto calibration and laser ranger finder built in....

look here .....https://www.swarovskioptik.com/us/en/hunting/products/rifle-scopes/ds
Taking delivery of the rifle tomorrow. Best developed load, by the GS, is a Hornady 105g match, 5.31bc, with a measured, average MV of 2825fps. Will give full specs, and accuracy info tomorrow. Am excited.
I’m interested in your build.

The 6 ARC likely will be the next AR I build. However, I don’t plan on shooting yotes more than 600 yards with it. If you’re decent at calling yotes, you shouldn’t need to be taking 800 yard shots on the reg anyway.

I’m looking at buying an 18” steel proof barrel. I haven’t decided on a bolt yet. This will be going on a 556 setup where I only need the bolt, barrel, and mags.
Below is the build sheet:÷
Upper and Lower- Aero Precision X-15
Trigger- Trigger Tech Diamond 1.5-4.0 lbs. Set at 1.7
Stock- Magpul PRS Gen III
Barrel- lilja 1:8 twist 24"
Adj. Gas Block- Superlative Arms 750
Muzzle Brake- SRS Ti Pro 3
Scope- Zeiss Victory FL Diavari 4-16x50 *T
Shot at 100yds today. Sub .5 moa. Going to the 1,000 yd range the week of July 1st.
Will try to post pictures next

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