800yd Coyote/ varmint rifle


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Sep 7, 2022
Fort Davis, Texas
Thought it was time to get an AR-15, but wanted something practical. Did some research and decided an AR Coyote/ varmint rifle chambered in 6mm ARC fit the bill. Rifle will have a 22in barrel and high quality upper and lower. A Trigger Tech Diamond trigger set at 1.5lbs will complete the build. Am mounting a Zeiss Victory Diavari FL 4-16x50 for sighting.
Am I crazy, or will this work?
I love my A.R. 15 chambered in 6 mm arc for coyotes. Just never shot one at that distance.
18" barrel.
If it's gonna be a gas gun I think you need to go big frame for killing canines at that range. At least to do it with any consistency. 105 gr bullet at 2800 fps is a good mid range cartridge but that's gonna get anemic quickly after 500 yds or so. Not that it won't kill but I would think it would be a struggle if there was any wind. I haven't shot 6 ARC, just looking at ballistics and bc. It was designed to outperform 5.56 in gas guns for the military. It does that but it's not magic. Bolt guns reign supreme for long range.
Study on accurizing an AR and you will do okay. I live in some pretty open country and don't often get shots at coyotes at longer range like what you are thinking about. When calling closer range is the norm, 50 -100 and even closer are more common. Spot and stalk or just spotting you might get some of the longer shots. For a long range only round and rifle I probably would go with a different cartridge and most likely a bolt action but then that's just me, but an AR10 platform might be a better fit than an AR15 just for more umph but if you are just wanting an upper to fit on an existing lower you will be okay.
Thanks everyone for your replies. I guess I should have mentioned in my original post that this will be a custom ar15 from a very reputable Gunsmith. I have a safe full of bolt action rifles, but the purpose of this build is an AR-15. The 6mm Arc seemed to be the best cartridge for varmits/coyotes in the mountains of west Texas. Since I have never touched an AR wanted to hear from experts if my research was valid, or not.