7th Annual Kettle Falls Steel Challenge

the 7th Annual Kettle Falls Steel Challenge will be held this coming May 16 and 17th 2015. Cash payout and a chance to shoot against some of the best riflemen in the nation. For more information follow this


I've been to this match folks; it's a top tier match with expert (leo & military) marksmen personnel and range officers that over see the match.. Very challenging, but not stupid crazy stuff like you might find in some tactical shoot's, it's really world, with take home data at the end of the match you'll use for years in the field.
How is the match for a beginner. I shoot a lot but I've never shot competition.What are the yardages like? What kind of gear is expected? Any insight would be greatly appreciated sounds like a lot of fun. Thankyou
The match is a charity event and has a lot of moving parts. Although we know that folks like to observe shooting events we don't like to have them at this one. It is more of a safety issue than anything else. Competitors are directed by the RO's from point to point. The RO's are there to ensure safety and score the competitors stage. They are not there to be interrupted in their duties to answer questions from observers about the stage during the event. This has happened in the past. It is not meant to be rude but the competitors spend their money on entry fees, travel, equipment and other ancillary things to be successful. The worst thing to happen is that a competitor looses points on a stage due to an RO having to be mindful of non-shooting guest that has disrupted the course of fire in some manner.

Hope this clears everything up.

Thank you,
I shot this Match this weekend and it was awesome! Great R.O.'s, course of fire and well run Match.

Thanks to Carl Taylor and all the help from his friends, I can't wait to do it again next year!
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