7stw brass


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Feb 17, 2013
I have 126 piece of brass for a 7 stw is like to sell all together 80 are federal that I was told was factory once fired out of a sendero and 46 8mm rem mag necked down to 7stw that I don’t know anything about them. All brass came with a gun I bought as well as 100 new Remington that I’m keeping for the rifle I bought but I will sell the other 126 all together for $100 plus shipping. As I said I know nothing about it other then what I was told. The 46 8mm rem mag may be 1 firing or 10 I don’t have any way to know. Shipping is on you and I’ll ship anyway you’d like payment can be PayPal ff or plus3% no notes or I’ll take a check or mo. Brass will ship same day or next from day payment if received


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