7RUM New Lilja, Bullets and Wyatts Box?

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    Sep 20, 2010
    My factory barrel is history... (And tickled pink about it) I am having my smith install on my 7 Rum 700 Lefty action a 28" Lilja #6 1 in 9 barrel with straight fluting, finished with a ASP med Painkiller brake. He is blueprinting the action and I am sending Twisted Barrels my bolt to be spiral fluted and fitted with tactical bolt knob. I am setting it in a Bobby Hart LRT laminate stock. Out of the factory barrel I shot the Berger 168's and the Nosler 160 accubonds (most experience with the Accubonds, taking down elk out to 800 consistently). I have 2 boxes of the 180 Bergers as well.

    My question is this; should I get a Wyatts extended box mag while I'm at it? And also what would I gain going to the larger 180's or should I stick with the 160-168's?

    I have talked with my smith about these issues and all I'm seeking out here are second opinions from veterans who have gone down this road many times before.
    My purpose is to take game past 1k and targets even further.

    Also I have searched many threads for this info but you know how broad of results you can get.
    This is my first re-barrel and although I want the most bang for my buck I don't want to miss anything :D
    Thanks in advance
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    Feb 19, 2010

    Depending on how your smith is going to throat your rifles chamber will reflect how long of a mag box you will need especially if you ever want to run the bigger 200 gr wildcats or 195 bergers if they ever come out and the 180 hybrid. If it was me i would put the 4.00" CF Wyatts in it while its apart and never have to worry about running out of space no matter what bullet i ran as long as your chamber is throated accordingly. these bigger cases really shine when barrel length and heavies are thrown in the mix and yes you will gain quite a bit if you step up to the bigger bullets. Dont get me wrong the 160 accubond is a great bullet but in that case i would try the nosler accubond LR 175 gr, the 180 berger or bigger and watch as your energy increases at longer ranges. Good luck and have fun