7mm WSM 145 barnes LRX loads?


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Dec 25, 2014
Anyone loading 145gr LRXs for 7mm WSM and have any data? Max load velocity would be very beneficial too. I usually stop at max velocity if no pressure is seen before then.

I have a barnes book but doesn't include LRXs. I have IMR4895, H4350, RL 22 and RL17 on hand.

I am planning to load .055" off the lands which puts my COAL at 2.9" and should fit in my mag.


I load for the 7 wsm, but not the 145 LRX . Been shooting the 168 classic hunter exclusively. I would try 4350 and RL 17 first. Both should work well. Just start low and work up.
I was loading 168 berger vlds. They shot very accurate at max load(maybe a little hot) with almost not random flier. Bolt lift would get sticky after 2 shots so I am hoping I can get the LRx's to shot a little with a cooler load. If I lowered the load, they opened up to over an 1" all the way to the min load.

I was using H4350 and RL22 for the 168's and had similar results, hot or nothing.

I have taken 3 elk (20, 290, and 425 YD) in two years with the bergers and have confidence that will work if you watch shoulder shots up close.

I need to swap my barrel on my savage and fire form some Norma brass with Cream of wheat.
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