SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm STW semi custom on Rem700 Action


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Jul 3, 2006
It has #6 Lilja Barrel, Trued rem 700 action, Bell & Carlson Stock.

One funky looking thing is that the barrel is SS and the Action is Blued but its a great gun.

$850TYD or best offer.
Sounds like a nice rifle to me and I see nothing funky about a blued action with stainless barrel. I have several two-tones and I kind of like the looks.
Going to make a SWAG here that it is a Right handed action, not Left. Bummer! Us lefties are treated like the rarities we are:D.
It a right hand gun I had my smith build for a buddy who is getting divorced.

I'm lefty myself so I feel your pain. But, if it was lefty it would not be for sale it would be in my collection.
I took pics and emailed them to those who asked. If someone can tell me how to post them here I will do so.