7mm mag ss barrel for sale


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Jan 23, 2010
Charlottesville, VA
7mm mag ss barrel for sale ** SOLD **

Remington 700, 7mm Mag SS Barrel for sale
sporter contour, factory take off, never been
75.00 shipped to your door
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What length is the barrel, and which series of rifles did it come from? I may be interested. Am looking for one as a possible rechamber to 7mm stw. Thanks for your time. thanksgun)
It's a 24" SS Barrel off of a Remington 700 BDL.
I have the factory recoil that goes with the barrel.
My brother had a 24" barrel 7mm STW and boy that
thing was a shooter and a deer slayer.
Clean barrel no sights and Never Been Fired.
Thank you,
TONY, Thanks so much for the rapid reply. Unfortunately, I was looking for a 26 inch barrel. You really need a 26 in. pipe to get a 7mm stw up to full throttle. It holds so much powder that in a 24 in. pipe, it all can not burn effectively INSIDE the barrel. Most of the newer rem. rifles in 7mag are coming through with 26 in. barrels and I was assuming that your barrel was one of these. If you dont mind me asking, what are you building? Just curious. Thanks again, talk to you later!gun):) 7stw
I'm building an 300wsm left handed.
Yes, my brother said his 2" barrel did great with all loads, he had a muzzlebreak added to it for the recoil and loved it. Just as the saying goes, money talks and you know what walks.
If you are interested in the barrel, I'll ship to you for 65.00
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