7mm loads 160 gr accubond and 162 A max


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Jul 19, 2009
I will be working up loads for a new senedero in 7mm
I want to use the nosler 160 gr accubond and the hornady 162 gr amax
any input on powder type and charge weight?
These are my 2 loads for my 7mmRM. No preasure signs at all, but work up to them in your gun.
These have been at least 3/4MOA out to 820yrds. Rem700 factory barrel, with break.
Im wanting to try 65.5 H4831SC. I hope to get 2950fps with this load as well.

7mmRM Win case
162 AMAX
Fed 215
Coal 3.290
65.0 H4831SC
2924 fps 24in
.454 @ 100

7mmRM Win case
162 AMAX
Fed 215
Coal 3.290
60.5 IMR 4350
2954 fps 24in
.421 @ 100
SC stands for short cut powder kernels. It will meter better. I havent ever used H4831, or IMR4831.
I see you amount of H1000 is 3 gr over the max on any table I can find
are you pushing this load really hot or are the tables over conservative.
I fond the same thing with my 223 loaded it to one table and another one said it was a compressed load, shot real good with no adverse signs so I stayed with it,shoot great
I've had excellent results using 68.6grs. of IMR7828 160NAB @ .010" off the lands lit up with a FED215m in Win. brass. 3110fps all day long, with no signs of high pressure in my REM. 700. I know this is over max in the books, but works great in my rifle. My load used to be 66.4 for the same velocity, but the last keg of 7828 must be a bit slower. The full size powder, not the 7828ssc. The ssc would not give me the velocity without signs of higher than acceptable pressure. Start low and work up.
I'm still in the process of running ladder tests for my 7mm Rem Mag Sendero. I have yet to get a good ES values from the combination's that I've tried and the book (Sierra Loading Manual) velocity's are about 100 fps below what I'm seeing on the chronograph. Bullet drop at 800 yards seems to back up the chronograph data.

I have 15 rounds loaded for the next ladder test. 3 groups of 5 loaded the same. The bullet is a Berger 168 gr. VLD. Remington 9-1/2M primer (because that's all I've found. I would prefer Federal 215M or CCI 250). Test range will be at 300 yards.

Charges of Reloader 22 are:

64.6 gr
65.7 gr
66.8 gr

I worked up to 64.6 gr with a previous test and have sub MOA groups at 600 yards but ES values are still pretty high and grouping is inconsistent so the search continues. If 65.7 gives me 2,950 fps like I estimate that it will I expect it to have the best ES values... but one never knows. That's why we test. 66.8 gr is almost 90% case full (to the neck) so even if I don't have pressure problems that's all I will load to with this powder

I will test H-1000 after this test.

I would not take my numbers and bang away with them. I seat .025 off of the lands and each rifle it's own characteristics so use caution when taking advice from the internet.
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