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SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm Allen Mag ***Reduced***

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Dec 18, 2012
7mm AM chambering
45 rounds fired
Includes 100 fired formed Lapua brass with 78 of them loaded.
3325 avg with Rl 33 and 180 hybrids
Defiance deviant hunter receiver, integral rail and recoil lug
Bartlein 26" 1-9 5r fluted barrel, Stainless 3b contour
Small PK muzzle brake
HS Precision detachable mag system
Jewell trigger with top safety
McMillan thumbhole sporter with the gel coat marble finish in 50% olive, 25% black, 25% tan
Pillar bedding
Bead blast matte finish on barreled receiver and Cerakote all black
Hornady Custom loading die set
Awesome gun, just selling to build a 375. Shoots 1/4- 1/2 moa with Kirby's load.
First two groups are at 420 yards, two groups on same target are 100 yards and measure 1/4" and 3/8" ctc.

$3850 shipped Conus


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Re: 7mm Allen Mag

All of the target pics need rotated to the right. Makes the groups look vertical the way they posted
Re: 7mm Allen Mag

Last round and I'm gonna work a load for the 195's and keep it.
Re: 7mm Allen Mag

Thanks, It is definitely a great looking rifle...Practically brand new too.

$3650 Shipped Conus..........................
Re: 7mm Allen Mag

Thanks for the comments guys.

I loaded up a few 195's. Started down 4 grains and worked up 1 grain at a time to 99 grains to around 3250 fps. 5 shots on the workup across 4 grains were .75" at 100 yards. Loaded up 3 @99 and shot to 420 yards and was 1.25" with some variable wind. A little tweeking and I'm sure it will tighten up more.
$3550 shipped....................................................
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