SOLD/EXPIRED 7 WSM Benchmark Barrel W/Brake

Tikka Lover

Feb 2, 2008
Highland, Utah
7 WSM Benchmark barrel, chambered by Kevin Rayhill (Stockade Guns) and just barely had it removed from my Savage Target Action by Nate at SSG. 26 1/2" Barrel length, 28 3/4" with the brake. .750" at the muzzle. Weighs about 4lbs. As you can see in the pics, the brake is seemless. Threads are perfect as with everything else. LARGE SHANK. Between 90-100 rounds fired, all were 189 Cauterrucio's. The group with the penny and highlighted with orange was shot at 300 yards off a bipod laying prone. I also took some animals this last fall with it- Doe 780 yards, Mule deer buck 1024 yards, Cow Elk 810 yards. Needless to say, it shoots.

This is $560 worth of work from Kevin at last years prices, not to mention the 4 month wait. I will take $360 shipped. I do have some 189 Cauterrucio's left(around 30) and the RCBS dies for a little extra $$$ if interested. Email me directly at [email protected] I will get it much sooner.

I also have a Choate Ultimate Sniper, short action 4.25" spacing, right hand that could go with it for $125.



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