6mm VLD'S

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    Feb 9, 2014
    So I've heard about the different seating depth "sweet spot" for these bullets, but my question is how does powder selection play into this? I have some powder (IMR4320)
    that I won't use for much of anything, but is suitable for my .243. If I take my best group with a given seating depth, will it hold true with different powders at different burn rates? I figure this is the best way to go about this, since components are kind of hard to find right now. I don't want to work up a good load then have to wait months to find the powder if I run out. I plan on using either H4350 1 full LB on hand, IMR 4064 (about 1 1/4 LB on hand) or win 760, 4 LBS in stock at my local store as of last week.
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    Oct 1, 2007
    My experiance as a sucsesfull (?) 1000 benchrest shooter and to a lesser extent, LR hunting......

    With any new BBL.....I first find the best powder charge. Then, using that powder charge, I tweak the seating depth. One three shot group at -.020, -010, and +.010 should give you a really good idea. Then I will try a couple of different bushings to tweak tension. Again, one three shot group should tell you what you need.

    Now, shoot these tests at long range. Min. of 300 yards. I do ALL of my testing at either 750 or 1000 , but I have my own range. You are trying to tune out the verticle in the groups, and that showes up much better at longer ranges.

    Now, in my experiance, the best neck tension NEVER CHANGES when you change powder, primers, bullets, ect. IT WILL CHANGE IF YOU CHANGE BRASS!! Seating depth should remain constant with bullits of the same type..ie..(30 cal) ...230 berger Hybirds, 215 Berger, Hybirds, 200 Berger Hybirds....ect. you will need to chase the lands as they wear, but we knew that already.

    If you are unhappy and want to try another powder, you have already done most of the work. Just use your established seating depth and neck tension and shoot some groups (or ladder test, or whatever you do).

    Good luck,

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    Mar 12, 2014
    +1. I've found the sweet spots on the VLDs are much tighter than what Berger publishes in their reloading manual. I go in 0.01" increments as well and then narrow it down again.