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SOLD/EXPIRED 6mm-284 Mauser 98, semi-custom, $400.00


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May 21, 2009
This 6mm-284 rifle is built on a Model 98 Mauser action (Nazi cartouche on bbl/receiver). Taken in as part of a trade. 24" crowned barrel, unknown maker, with 1-10" twist (measured with cleaning rod/patch method). Personally, I really like the styling and fit of the stock, which fits me like a glove. The stock has minor field dings in wood. Appears that the barrel wrench slipped when putting on barrel, as there is a rub in the blue. Other minor rub/scratches in blue but not metal. This is not a new rifle and is no longer a show piece! However it is fully functional, and not beat-up-- just used. It came with three zip locks with a total of ~30 rounds of ammo loaded by previous owner. I fired a 5-shot group with each: 70 ballistic tips (~.84"); 90g Barnes X (1-1/2"); 80 g Speer Spitzer (~2"). Also 50 used WW brass. It has a trigger pull of (guess!) about 1 lb and a wide, target style, trigger shoe. I don't know if it is just an add-on trigger shoe or a Canjar, or...? I purchased a new set of LEE 6mm-284 dies to go with it, and then, resized two cases just for the heck of it. It also comes with an older 6-24 Tasco scope, which has coin-slot adjustments, but seems to work just fine. I'd love to keep this and see what it will do, but I'm selling a bunch of rifles to take the sting out of some bills. $400.00 (firm) plus actual shipping. If the photos don't come up, just pm me with your email address. [email protected]