6.5 Creedmoor


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Jul 17, 2016
South Texas
This is the most accurate rifle I own (customs included). Reason for selling is that I had my first left hand rifle built a couple of years ago and I just cant shoot right hand rifles anymore! Savage model 12 LRP with target action and trigger, 26" 8 twist fluted full bull, HS Precision stock with a sponge style paint job, weights approximately 11 lbs. Approximately 500 rounds through the barrel, most of which were shooting WT deer. This rifle is an absolute hammer and the most accurate rifle I own. Load data is included in the pictures below along with pics of the rifle, a picture of the last zero verification group and last group shot at 1K yds. Really attached to this rifle but I have another build in the works and need to free up space and cash. Scope, Rings and Bipod not included.

700.00 shipped to your FFL. Your FFL must accept shipment from an individual.

Thanks for looking.

Dusty Crowe
Carrizo Springs, TX


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