SOLD/EXPIRED 6-284 barrel dies brass


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Jan 24, 2010
6-284 barrel threaded for savage standard shank. 1-10 twist. Approximately 300 rounds fired. Started off as a Hart and sent to Kevin rayhill of stockade. He turned down the barrel and installed aluminum sleeve. Very manageable in the field and very accurate with 87 bergers and h4350. 26 1/4 long and 1" at the muzzle. Roughly 5lbs. I don't have a scale but weights about the same as my 28" s4 contour shielen. Will throw in go gauge - $300 shipped.

Redding type s bushing neck sizing die and hornady fl sizing die and seating die - $100 shipped

95 pieces of lapua brass 6.5-284 necked down and turned to .011 (.265 neck loaded) 3 firings - $75 shipped

Will sell it all together for $425