SOLD/EXPIRED 6-284 barrel,dies,reamer,brass.


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Jan 27, 2007
This barrel was on my RFD benchrest rifle and used for prairie dog shooting.I switched over to 6mm BR with a fast twist for long range use instead.
Krieger,stainless,28 inch,13 twist,medium heavy barrel in 6mm-284 win.
Set up for 75 grain Vmax bullets at 3800 fps
It has less than 250 rounds shot through it.
ALL BRASS HAS BEEN FULLY BENCHREST PREPPED AND WEIGHT SORTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You get the reamer(.266 neck),Redding match s dies,133 loaded rounds in once fired Lapua brass,17 twice fired and barrel.

I have a 5 shot group that I shot with this barrel hanging on my wall that is .237 inch.Last shot I fired was a hit on a praire dog at 700 yards.The bullet still blew him up even at that range.

Things to trade:
Seekins,Badger,Nightforce 30mm rings.Decent quality scopes with mil reticles,or Horus scopes,115,105,Berger 6mm bullets,30cal 240SMK's, For a face to face,Small pistol and small rifle primers,H-1000,R-17,AA2520.Other 6mm or 30cal barrels with slow twists.

Sold as package $460 shipped.

Let me know what you have.The worst thing that can happen is I'll say no.

If you live within a days drive from Flagstaff AZ I'll meet you half way.

From the picture it looks like the competition seating die. Is the other the full length type s die or the type s neck die.

How long have you had them?
Any rust?
How many rounds have you loaded with them?
It's the type s full length set.A couple years,no rust,only used those dies for the less than 250 fired through the barrel.

pistol list. - 3 Ruger 44's with 10.5 barrels (blewed)
2 competitors 358 and 300WBM
2 ruger 7.5 blewed
1 ruger 5.5 45 blewed
2 contender frames with sup. 16 7-30 waters 45/70 sup 14 in 444 35rem
1 G2 sup 14 30-30
1 encore 375 HH and 375 JDJ
8 Remington xp-100's (1. 221 4 7mm br's 1 300mag 1 35 rem 1 custom 450)
1 AK 47 Draco 762x39
2 rock island 45acp 1911's
1 AR 15 with beta mag
1 sterling 44 mag 10in barrel
1 AAP 9mm tec- 9mm look alick only american made
1 lone eagle 30/06
1 calico 100 round 22
1 tec-22
1 gatling gun
5 cannons
4 MPA 45acp Mac-10's
1 IMI 45acp Uzi
1 Raven 32
4 cold woodsman 22's (thick barrel type)
1 S&W 500 Mag
1 Maga star 45acp
1 star 9mm
1 HK clone 22

This is just out of 1 fort Knox safe
s, I have 3 of these safe's full of guns

I only have 8 rifles in this safe
they are

1 rem 700 BDL 25/06
1 Mohawk 600 in 243
3 sharps 38/55 and 2 45/70's
1 spencer2 2 ruger NO.1's 375HH and 300HH

I'm a gun colecter, about 3% of these guns have been shot,
what do you want from the bearlightbulbgun):)