.56moa, Iron Sights


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Apr 11, 2009
Carrollton, Ohio
I was developing a load for the 1903 Springfield and was kinda surprised by the results.


I am going to try another group tomorrow to see if I can duplicate that.
Looks pretty good.

1903's are very accurate rifles. I bought mine at a garage sale a few years ago. My Springfield Armory 1903A1 is dated 9-09 on the barrel, the serial number is in the low 380k, I only shoot cast bullets out of it. I have shot it out to 500 yards with cast bullets and have had pretty good results, ussally can hit a 16" off hand 50% of the time.


I bought it with an original M1905 Bayonet with scabbard, I paid $175 the rifle and bayonet and sold the Bayonet and scabbard for $230 on ebay.

I love the action and would like to find another oen to build a "classic" custom in 257 AI.
I love those bullets!

I love those old rifles too! There is just something about them.

I have an Eddystone US Model of 1917 that came with a bayonet and scabbard, the blade on the bayonet is 17" long. Longest bayonet I have ever seen.


The barrel is stamped 9-18, (after they got the case hardening sorted out.)

The Springfield was made between 1941-1942 in New York. I am pretty sure it is the way it came from the factory. I had a book from the library that gave me all the facts and figures on it.

Beautiful rifle, thanks for sharing!
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