.50cal land riders

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    Apr 6, 2011
    Just wanted to share with the western hunters that are required to use a full bore bullet, the .50cal - 325gr Fury star tip MZ might just be an excellent choice. The .500” bullet comes knurled to .503” and it will require sizing for each individual barrel. Yes, a sizing die must be purchased.

    I’ve personally shot the Fury 325gr star tips and have found them to be very accurate with production rifle charges and also custom rifle heavy charges (charges not suitable for production muzzleloaders).

    When shooting 110grs VOLUME of BH209, using a .518” dia. - .060” thick veggie wad at 100yds, I recovered perfectly mushroomed bullets from the berm, after shooting through the paper target and cardboard backer. I also recovered perfect mushroomed bullets when shooting custom heavy charges. The copper jacket is .015” thick, with a soft bonded lead core. It obturates easily, is accurate and functions very well with production rifle charges.

    I found them to be extremely accurate at 200yds and they will hold MOA at 300yds. Beyond 300 they begin to lose velocity quickly and group ability. For the production rifle hunter who limits himself to 150yds, maybe 200yd hunting shots, this bullet could be an excellent choice.

    They can be purchased from Fury: http://www.furycustombullets.com/webapp/p/208/muzzle-loader

    Top photo shows the Fury without knurling on the left, with knurling on the right.


    Recovered bullet from the berm, shot with 110grs volume of BH209.