$500 to $1000 light weight, 18x or up, decent low light, best choices?

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    Aug 9, 2008
    I am trying to scope up a small gun that shoots very well. I'd hate to defeat the 6.1 lb gun by strapping a 2 lb scope to it.

    So a scope in the 20oz range, give or take, would be nice.

    I" is OK -- but 30mm is fine too. Have 30 mm rings, would invest in Burris Zee rings and tilt a 1" scope.

    Needs turrets.

    Low light is desired, but not paramount.

    18x o rmore, up to wherever you can argue can be done right in a 20 oz range. (plus minus 5 or so)

    I've been reading for hours over several days. I get more confused all the time....

    Bushnell has a Elite 6500 in a couple of scopes with amazing magnification, light weight. Conquest 6.5-20x50 is pretty nice. Read a lot about Meopro 6-18x50

    I don't completely understand the pros and cons to FFP scopes. I do have a Conquest 4.5x14 that I like very much.

    Leaning away from Leupolds as I have the feeling they are not a "value" leader. For the money, seems one can do better....

    Well, help me a little here. Sorry for yet another thread, but could not find one that just matched my needs, at least in recent years....