Best low light hunting scope


Jan 5, 2004
What, in your opinion, is the best low light hunting scope available. Price not an issue. Whitetail deer, less than 400 yards.
I noticed you mentioned Hunting, and most of the deer are taken in Low Lite conditions. Since your not playing with paper targets at that time of day, I like IOR and the Burris line because of their high quality light gathering ability and sharpness.
I've found that the scope and lenses are not so much the critical deal but the reticle. Many times I've been able to clearly see the critter but the reticle is nowhere to be found. I don't use lighted reticles but the Leupold MilDot with the large end bars sure makes centering a lot easier.
Swarovski 2.5-10x56 Illuminated would be my first choice

Crow Mag
I agree with Dave King. The reticle gets lost first at low light. I seem to be more of a illuminated reticle guy, than I used to be. Had a S&B lit reticle that was the cats ***. Wish I had it back.

Lit reticles are not for everyone, but they do help in certain situations. IOR's lit MP8 is outstanding as well..sakofan..
I have PREVIOUSLY owned 2 Quality built S@B scopes, and looked through my friends Swaro, and they all give me the gray look; not crisp bright WHITE. The Zeiss, and IOR, and top of the line Luey's, including that same line in BURRIS have the clear, sharp colour image that the eyes normally see. But heavy hunting reticles is on call for hunting 1/2 hr. after sunset as is the case in most places.
I have 4 NF NXS scopes with different reticles(Mil-Dot, DD, NP-1RR) and will have to agree that the illuminated reticle is the way to go. I don't think I'll be returning to the non-ill. type anytime soon...
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