45 ACP on Brown Bear.????

watched recent videos on charging bear..... he used a 10mm....
wondered if anyone uses or has had or experience with a 45 acp for self protection...???
In the absence of a" dis-like " button.......I would refer you to a ballistics chart- SIMULTANEOUSLY I'll whine about you having acquired the BEST profile picture......
Have never had the opportunity to hunt or fish in the Griz’s backyard... soon I hope if I can still afford gas! I love 45’s for general self defense and carry either a 1911 or a 9mm 365 depending on what I am wearing but when it comes to thinking of if it were protection for something like a bear I would have my Glock 29... compact 10mm. It is very shootable and has a 10 round magazine... I don’t imagine there is a bunch of time elapsing in a charge so 10 rounds would give me about as much of a chance as any.. Granted, anything that propels a bullet is going to be better than grabbing a stick, but I believe in dressing for the occasion and if I knew I would be somewhere that I could encounter a Grizzly, I would want to have the best option possible... in this case the 29 is what I currently have and I am confident in it.

I also have a few rifles and of course a shotgun or two that would be my choice if I was able to carry a rifle... the closet practical experience I have would be helping track wounded deer or hogs... usually with a pup that can blood trail and in these cases my preferred rifle is a Remington 7600 30-06 with an 18” barrel loaded with 220 grain soft points... it is about the best combination of power, accuracy, speed, and handling of anything I have ever had the chance to shoot at point blank type range... I guess what they call snap shooting which would be what I imagine we are talking about except with the added caveat of being the prey being hunted in a bear attack.

Havnt really heard any real hand experience regarding the 7600 being used though so it might not be a viable choice... just my two cents about what I have now that may fit the bill.

Don’t recall who posted the actual report that documented some handgun stats in actual bear encounters... was an interesting read. Thanks for posting it.

If I was stranded in AK with just an air weight 22 kit gun I would feel blessed to have something, but I sure would “want” a little more horsepower!
Amazing story. Thanks for posting... hoping the magazines for the full size Glock 20 fit my 29... or may just need to buy another gun!

Great reminder to not get complacent... I know there are lots of times I think about leaving something or heading into the woods without something I normally always have. There are truly some places where taking a chance could make for a very bad day.
What about the 460S&W magnum revolver? It's a round made specifically for hunting. The ballistics are crazy for a handgun. Was the 460 forgot or lost in the shadow of the S&W 500 that was released around the same time?
What about the 460S&W magnum revolver? It's a round made specifically for hunting. The ballistics are crazy for a handgun. Was the 460 forgot or lost in the shadow of the S&W 500 that was released around the same time?
The 454 Casull is a good one too. But even the heavy guns are hard to hang on to.
Great video, and the reason I carry a Glock 15+1 G20SF 10mm in the woods. He used a very respectable load, but... I think I'll stay with the Underwood Xtreme Penetrator, I've found that the Underwood load extermily easy to control in rapid-fire and double taps in my gun, ok it's a Bear... panic fire. 😲 Just my 0.2 Cheers
I have a 460 S&W Magnum Katadin stainless barrel for my T/C encore. It's about the size of a red rider bb gun . It's an absolute hammer on whitetail deer loaded with buffalo bore Barnes tipped bullets. It's only a single shot, so not a defensive setup... 😂
The OPs Post is on the .45ACP and many responses are for other calibers. Thats good knowledge also, but we should post our info on the .45ACP first.
I already did.
Sorry Bill - Since we are into post #140 I will say that I carry a S&W Model 29 6" Magna Ported 44mag when ever I hunt even not in bear country.
The Inuit's in Norther AK have been known to use the .22 Mag as their rifle of choice due to cost of bullets, weight and killing power. They kill everything from rabbits to Polar Bear. Now I am not saying that that is all they use for a rifle caliber, but a 22 mag shot into the ear and entering the brain can kill the Largest bear in NA. Their are documented stories. Would I chance it? No way. i would not even want to be in Polar Country.