408 Chey Tac brass

ross spagrud

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Aug 22, 2001
It was my understanding that this brass was
currently available from the good folks at
Lost River Ballistics however I have not been
able to contact them via email for some time.

Can anybody shed some light on this.

Thanks in advance.
Ross www.prairiegunworks.com

We have been to the ShotShow. Just getting back into the swing of things. I had 107 unread messages when I got back, and I was answering some while I was there.

The brass is available. Give us a call.
Thanks Warren, do you have a 100 cases you can ship to me tomarrow? These are the new strengthened web version correct? Headstamp and neck dia. 408?

Could you also give the length to top and bottem of shoulder, dia. of shoulder, OAL and angle of shoulder? Will use this for computer load development program.

I'll just be necking them down to .338" and possibly .416" for now.


do you have the 338PGW, 416PGW reamer and dies? I'm looking forward to VEL/PSI testing these in 36" barrels.
Our experience with the 338 PGW is extremely
limited at this point in time however we
do have the reamer and dies can be had.

The 416 is merely the original 408 necked
up to accept the widely available (although
not necessarily suitable for very long range)
416 bullets. We have done a number of these
and have been generally pleased with the
results however the Chey Tac is without a
doubt the superior long range round.

Ross www.prairiegunworks.com
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