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    Jun 23, 2013

    406 Precision was born out of collective interest in long range shooting and hunting. It is our goal to provide beginners and intermediate hunters with the foundation for accurate and ethical long range shots.

    406 Precision and Royal Tines have partnered up to create a one of a kind shooting school. The class is aimed at the hunter or shooter who would like to learn to use his or her current equipment to its’ fullest potential. Our goal is to take the student and their equipment to their maximum effective range both at the range and in the field.

    We have created a three day long range shooting course to be held at Royal Tines Guide School in beautiful Philipsburg, MT. The course will include meals and lodging in a hunting camp atmosphere.

    Students will receive a mix of classroom and field shooting experience throughout their stay.

    Areas to be covered in class include proper rifle set-up, creation of custom drop charts, proper shooting form, information on field set-up and collecting environmental data, terminal ballistics, and much more.
    Students will participate in field shooting experience’s that mimic real hunting set-ups and are encouraged to bring lots of ammo!
    We encourage you to bring your own equipment capable of shooting out to 800-1000 yards , if you do not have an adequate system we will be providing a limited number of rifles for each class.

    Lady’s we have accommodation’s available for you as well and we encourage you to come out and hone your long range skills as well.
    For more information Contact 406 Precision or Royal Tines
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