.378/50BMG anyone have info?


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Nov 4, 2003
South central Montana
I seen a refrence to this round somewhere on this BBS. Does anyone have any info on this or similiar cartridges made from 50 BMG brass
I don't have any technical experience with the .378/50 (Mach V). But I do have some practical experience, and boy is it a hoot to shoot. 10 rounds is a good days work!!!!! And that's with muzzle brake.

Mach V let me shoot his Mach V last summer in South Dakota and that is one powerful round.

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Click on colored words for pics.
If the guys thought the MACH Vwas a handfull,this year BOOMERwill be going along!
The ROUNDis made by running a 50BMG case into two DIESwith a big PRESStoNECKit down.Then it is inside neck reamed,cut to length and outside neck turned then fire formed.
I have not done a lot of reloading for this round yet as parts are spendy.The load I got with the gun sent a 250grain Barns through the crony @ 4450fps with 209 grains of 872.The load we used last summer was 205grains of H50BMG(very mild) behind a 250grain Barns or 260 grain NOSLER BT@ 3750fps.Klaus claimed to have gotten 5300fps out this animal,I dont doubt it just havent had the balls to go there yet!
Met a friend of Klauses last week at a 50BMG shoot that has a 42" barreled MachV (375/50BMG) and knows a little more about this round but havent sat down to realy get into it with him....yet.
I have some 272grain Groove bullets and GS Customs to try when I can get my hands on some more 872 and or 20n29 powder.
I'm shooting a 50 bmg now, it uses screw-in replacable barrels. I am setup for loading 50bmg rounds but I would really like to get into some wildcats, I appreciate any info
Drop is impressive but so far accuracy with a suitible bullet is the problem.I have taken the 50BMG to 2000 yards with fair seccsess but the 375 has not ben consistant past 300 yet.
The new barrel for the Ferret will be the cheapest part of the convertion.Unless all you want it to do is go bang.

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I guess for the time being I will just keep my eyes and ears open. I want accuracy. Any ideas on why this combination is not accurate? too fast? too low of BC? bad projectile design? thanks.
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