375 Cheytac


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May 12, 2012
Las Vegas
Made it to range today. Zero is 1150 (leaves me 5 MOA below zero) Got rounds on steel at 1150, 1250, and 1450, wind got to be a bitch by the time I got out to 1550, and lobbed a couple at 2100 but ran out of rounds by the time I saw splash on the far target. I was bracketing IPSC target at 1550, so I think my elevation was good there, just need to get out there earlier before the wind picks up to get Dope.

Shooting position

Target area, elk at 1150 yards

impacts at 1150, one zeroing shot and 4 follow-ups

Impact at 1250, holding right "edge of target" Whackima! :D

Impacts at 1450 yards

1150 yard zero
1250 yards 3 MOA
1450 yards 10.75 MOA
1550 yards 14.75 MOA? need to confirm

86 degrees F (nice to live in Vegas this time a year)
25.87 in Hg BP
3970' Elevation
6000 D.A.
8.6% humidity
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