375 Cheytac vs Snipetac


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Nov 13, 2021
I have decided that within a few years I want to build a Cheytac sized rifle on a repeating action. For chamberings I was at one point looking at 37XC however, I want to shoot the heavier mono bullets from cutting edge and such so I want the extra power of the Cheytac case. My question is how much of a difference does improving the standard cheytac to a Snipetac actually give? It looks like it is a standard improvement via taking away some body taper and improving the shoulders to 35°. Besides adding velocity, would the Snipetac also help brass life since it would help stop case growth? and I've seen one of the reasons for the Snipetac is to shoot slightly higher than average cheytac loads but since it is an improved chamberings you would not have to push the brass as hard therefore increasing brass life with hot loads, but I could not find much load data comparing the two chamberings. Also would I be able to mag feed most bullets? I expect to mag feed up to 375gr solids but could I mag feed 400gr Lazers or MTH with the cadex magazines with 4.625 internal length

Overall I need a overview between 375 cheytac and Snipetac in order to see if improving The standard case would add a sufficient amount of velocity and possibly brass life to make the fire forming worth it

An added benefit to the Snipetac is I would also like for this rifle to be a switch barrel rig, and therefore I could have another shorter barrel chambered in 338 Snipetac for closer ranges and cheaper bullets (besides I like the idea of throwing 300 grain OTM at the speed of light).