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Mar 4, 2004
North Dakota
What do you guys think a the 340 for long range? Is the cartridge able to be accurate out to 1000k in a good rifle? I want a rifle that I can walk around with so it will weigh around 10lbs with a scope and have no brake on it.
I have a friend that has a couple of the 340's and has taken game at 650 yds. with them!I believe his has 28" barrel a 30 would be even better.
I have two long range rifles. The problem would be trying to get them down to your 10 pound weight limit.

To hit distant targets you would need to use 300 grain bullets and as mentioned before 28-30 inch barrel. You can buy lighter contours of barrels.

My friend competes in 1000 yard matches with his .338 Lapua with a 32 inch barrel/bypod/nightforce scope/muzzle brake but it must be closer to 14 or more pounds. I'd have to ask. It seems very simlular to mine that are 16 pounds, only I have thicker shorter barrels

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Well I could even go 11lbs scoped that is what my Sendero weighs. I was thinking of a Lilja 28inch #5 fluted. For the action I would use a Rem 700 ADL and a HS Stock.
Just a thought, but, of all the rifles I have owned, handloaded for and hunted with...the .340 Weatherby is my favorite. In fact, it is the only cartridge that I wish I had never gotten rid of in all my gun trades. Iv'e enjoyed trading guns, developing loads and hunting with the various cartridges for 30 years and I believe that the .340 is one of the VERY best.
My first exposure to the .340 was at the suggestion from Bob Hagel (early gun writer, experimenter and pack and guide) in Salmon Idaho, (a old friend and where I grew up) years ago. I had asked Bob what he thought was the best all around hunting cartridge and he said there are two....the .340 and the 375 H&H. He said "just get the .340, shoot everything with it from Bears to Antelope, and you'll be happy. I waited about five years before I finally tried the .340 but darned if he wasn't right. I always felt very comfortable on shots to 450 or 500 max range with it, and when used on deer at around 50 yards, it did not blood shoot or tear up the meat...which was due to the heavy jacket bullet wall construction. I shot 8 deer with it at very close range just putting the bullet into the boiler room, and they would drop on the spot with all but no blood shot meat...i.e. don't shoot the shoulders with anything this big though, I suspect it would blow a lot of bone through the meat. Hornady bullets from 200 to a max of 250 worked fine.
In the Weatherby's with good triggers it was a superb shooter, packed enough energy for the tough bigger game, didn't blood shoot the lighter game, and had a good trajectory. I don't know what more I could want.
I shoot mostly the 300 Rem Ultra and the 7 Rem Ultra now, but I wish I had my old Weatherby with the good trigger back. Oh well, guess it's time for one more final gun trade huh.


dakor, I shoot a 338 lapua in a gun weighing in at 9 1/2 lb with scope etc. 300gn sierra bullets are still manageable if you can stand a bit of kick. 225 and 250's are much nicer and have been doing the job very well. the gun is a BRNO 602 26" shillen - light contour compared to the guns most seem to shoot in 338, but not really, with a laminated sporter stock, and good break. It shoots 1/2 moa to 600 then gets a bit shakey - probably me. It is my favourite hunting rifle and sure does lay the smack down to anything. the 340 is similar so build the gun, get a good break and have fun with it
Thanks again for the input. I dont like brakes so I will just tuff it out.
Know you don,t like brakes. I have a 340 built on rem. 700 action #2 lilla with brake. Gun by its self is 6 lbs and shoots 1/2 with 200gr. hornady or nosler about the same with 215 sierra. Great to carry and have killed elk and deer to 500 yrds.
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