SOLD/EXPIRED 340 Weatherby *** SOLD PF***


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Mar 18, 2012
Wolfesville, MD
Looking to see if there is any interest in a newly built semi custom hunting/carry rifle
It's as the title says 340 Weatherby Mag and only has 14 shots down the barrel

Remington Trued action Blued
SS 26" #4 Rock Creek Fluted barrel with muzzlebrake and threaded cap protector
Jewell Trigger
Remington Boone and Crockett Laminate stock fully pillar bedded
weighs less than 8.5 lbs

included is Redding FL and seater die
40 pieces of brass most not fired yet.
box of 225 Hornady, box of 250 Sierra BTSP, box of Hornady 285 BTHP

1st group shot at 100 yds was 5/8" with 250 Sierra BTSP, and bullets touched w/ Hornady 285's
so it shows promise.

if interested, pics can be posted.

$2000.00 or may be interested in trades
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Re: 340 Weatherby

Here is what I have in it

$450 for the original rifle (8mm Rem mag) I'll throw in if interested
$350 for the barrel
$225 for the trigger
at least $100 plus for dies and bullets
$80 for brass Weatherby
$1000.00 for work pillar bedding, muzzlebrake and thread protector, and trueing the action and barrel work

and probably didn't say but that price is shipped conus to FFL

really want a SS Tikka T-3 270 or 25/06 and cash, but can't hurt to make an offer