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Oct 1, 2007
Walhalla, ND
Going to pick up a tube for my Remington hunting gun. It currantly is a 300 WBY Smithed a long time ago by Clay Spencer. 1300 rounds...inspected and set back at 1100 rounds. Still shoots AWSOME!! I am going to replace the Factory Sendero stock (17 years old) with a new Mcmillan A-5....already in the mail. :D Also going to get a second bbl chambered up in 338 Edge. Going to finish at 30" Probably going to skip the break...for now.

What is the general caoncensis on twist rate for the 300 gr Bergers? I see a lot of guys saying 1-10 is all you need. I see lots of new tubes for sale in the 1-9.25 -1-9.5 range.

Also...I am a HUGE fan of Kriegers.....any reason not to go with another Krieger?

FYI - I've had a 30", 1-10, SS Kreiger on order for 5 months now - I was told it would be 7 months, we shall see.
I don't know if your interested in Brux or not but I recieved my 338 1-10" twist 30" barrel in about 6 weeks.
Ok....three for three for a 1 - 10 twist.

And zero for three on reasons why NOT Krieger.

Anyone else. I know you guys are out there....there are millions of you out there. You 338 shooters are like the plague. :D
For my 338 Lapua I chose a kreiger 9.35 twist to shoot the 300gr SMK's in a HV contour 30" and it just shoots, 3 shot groups 3/4" @ 400 yards. The thing is unbelievable...
I gotta say, Thank You Kreiger Barrels and my gunsmith Bob Green :D

As far as ordering barrels I had good luck calling Bruno's Shooters Supply in Phoenix , They had them kreigers in stock most of the time.
I went with a Hart barrel for my 338LM build but i would not hesitate at all to slap a krieger on it either. I went with 1:10 also. I believe that Tikkamike has a Krieger barrel on his 338LM and that thing shoots pretty awesome from the pics that I have seen.
I wouldn't go with a kreiger for the same reason I wouldn't go with a Rock, Broughton, Hart, Brux or Bartlein.

Well I guess I dont know why I bought two 338 9.3 Broughtons.

I don't know what you are looking for but you cant go wrong with any of the top barrels.
Ive got 2 brux and 2 krieger barrels. They're all great barrels. I doubt a brux is any different in steel or the process the barrel is made than krieger is. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was told that brux worked for krieger for a long time then went into business for himself. I would go with whoever has the shortest wait time. Brux also cost a little less. oh yeah, my .338 barrel is a krieger 30" with a 9.5 twist. I shoot 300 grain bergers out of it.
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I have a 338 Rum with what I am told is a 31" Krieger in 9.35. Average group is about .4 with the best at .17 and several in the .2's. Gun has a lot of work done to it.
Brux or krieger is a fine choice. You picked an awesome gunsmith too. Between my uncle and I we have a bunch of Spencer rifles. All are lights out shooters. We just started shooting at 1000yds. Up in wv at a match and with a plain 6mmbr my uncle was shooting under 4" 10 shot groups.
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