338 lapua/nightforce


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Jun 14, 2009
I am building a 338 lapua on a predator x action and 30" kreaiger barrel. I have been looking at scopes and bases the nightforce 8x32x56nsx has 65moa elev.and the 12x42x56 has 45 moa why so low and is that enough? Any sugestions on brakes? Looking at the definsive edge and flint & frizzen. Thanks for any help first all custom gun. Im getting kreaiger to chamber is their anyone better?
To answer the question about the 12x42 scope. Yes 45 MOA's will work. Magnification seems to lower the amount of clicks you get out of a scope, not sure why. 45 MOA's is over 450" at 1000 yards. In a prefect world, your gun will zero in the middle leaving you 22 clicks of elevation. If you run into, or think you're going to run into a problem, needing more elevation you could get a canted base.
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