308 pet coyote loads

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  1. backyardsniper

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    Oct 9, 2009
    I have an ar that has been my go to yote rifle. It is a rock river with an eight twist and I shoot 77gr noslers. I suppose I could work up a load with a lighter bullet but I like the extra punch at longer ranges. I have a custom 308 that is just an absolute hammer so I figured before I go buy another rifle I would see if it could pull double duty as a flat shooting coyote rifle. I hve an awesome load for it with heavies. 178 amax with 44.5gr of varget but i have not messed with the light stuff much. I have a hundred ot so 125bballistic tips and 110vmax. What kind of performance can you get out of those. Will they stay pretty flat out to say 400yd or do I need to bite the.
    Bullet and call my smith and start a build on a specialty coyote rifle in 243? The 308 is a 20" but it is heavy. I have an eberlestock gunslinger to pack it in. Just looking to get some opinions. I have been getting into the coyote/bobcat huntin more and more over the last couple years and I believe I'm going to stick with it and probably be doing it a lot more. Its fast becoming my favorite kind of hunting
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    Jul 6, 2011
    Shoot the heavy bullet you have if you intend to do longer range stuff. Otherwise the wind is going to really mess with you. The amount of damage done to a coyote with any of these bullets would be devastating, but the 110's I would not be shooting too far due to low BC, bleeding energy fast and massive wind drift. If you already have an AR, I would not be loading low weight ammo for a 308, seems to be counter intuitive.

    I have a 223 that I had been shooting 75gr HPBT ammo out of. Now working on a 80gr Berger load since I got an 8 twist barrel. Then have a 243 AI that I shoot 95gr Bergers at 3200fps. Also a 308 loaded with 175gr SMK's. Hope to soon have my 6.5x284 done. 223 is my primary training rifle. 243AI is my primary coyote gun. 308 is my secondary training rifle for calibers that have a bit more recoil. It is harder to be as consistent with the 308 compared to the 223.
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    Mar 28, 2012
    50-grains of Varget and 125 NBT at around 3100FPS would work well! It shoots clovers in all my .308's. My son hunts with the same load but NAB's but practices with the ballistic tips.
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    Jun 26, 2011
    43grs of varget under 168gr Hornady bthps and also 43 grs of varget under 185gr Berger vlds