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SOLD/EXPIRED 308 Baer For sale.. stiller brux

Chase Curtis

Well-Known Member
Aug 15, 2011
Alvarado TX
Im selling my sporter 308 Baer. (300 wby improved)

Stiller TAC 300 action
Brux 1-10 barrel 26"
BC stock (bedded)
Black Cerakote
Rem trigger (tuned)
Shrewd brake 1/2-28 threads
BDL system
Chambered by Baer

I shot the 190smk at around 3250fps.

Its killed prairie dogs as far as 619yds.

pic is a 3 shot group at 300 yds.

50 pcs of Brass and Dies Included

$2700 shipped to your FFL.

This rifle was built for backpack hunt etc... its about as lightweight as you could do this kind of build... For its weight class its an exceptionally accurate rifle.



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As stated above... 50 pcs of brass and dies are included. I will give load data and drop charts to buyer.

With the 190smk load I have confirmed drops to 1k yards. This is turn key.
Hi Chase
Can you tell me what the round count is and the weight of the rifle. Also, if it's
( turn key ), does that mean the scope & rings are included ? :rolleyes:

Thanks Ron
Round count is around 150.

Weight I'm not sure I can weight when I get back in town.

No, the scope is not for sale but I would include it for en extra $1100 with rings.

And no the scope is not for sale by itself... I would only sell it with the rifle.

It's a leupold vx6 3-18

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