300 WSM - 26" tube


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Dec 18, 2004
What velocities are you achieving with your 300 WSM's and a 26" barrel? I'm interested in 110,125 and 165 grain bullet loads. I'm looking to rebarrel my M700 and trying to get data for ballistic analysis. Thanks.
Today out of my 24" barrel I got 2800 with a 190 berger hunting vld with 63 grs. of R19 and the 3 shot group was sub-moa at 100.
Also my gun did not like the 165 to 168 bullets at all. I have not read about anyone using lighter then 150 gr bullets.
I'm getting 3030fps with 69.0grs of Winchester WXR and Reloader-22 and 3010fps with 65.0grs of IMR-4350 using Hornady 165gr SP.Started getting pressure signs with 71.0grs of WXR and R-22,pressure signs showed up at 66.5grs with IMR-4350.I didn't have my chronograph with me those days,I was probably getting around 3100fps or so,but the pressure was too high.I backed down and she shoots great and I know I'm OK pressure wise.
I,m getting 3160 from 66gr IMR 4350 Win brass Fed215 primer and 168 Berger or A-max this seems to be the most accurate and ballisticly efficient load for my factory savage with 26" tube. The other load I use is the 208 a-max with 59.8gr Win 760 @ 2715 I read on here RL17 is getting better velocity with heavy bullets but I haven't tried any yet.
What bullet weight did you see that difference with and is RL17 performing well with temp variation and overall consistency. I'm always the sceptic, you know the old saying if it sounds to good to be true.
The 180 E-Tip was used for both the RL17 and H4350. I treid 168 TTSX's also but they did not do as well. It was hard for me to believe those velocities when I first saw them, but I shot some other loads out of that rifle that day including some factory loads that were consistant with previous veocities and load data including the 180 E-Tip/H4350 loads, so I think the chrony was fairly accurate.

As for accuracy and temp consistancy. That rifle has never fired anything well resulting in many 2-4 MOA groups form a variety of handloads and factory loads. This is with close to 200 hundred hand loads down the tube of load development and several boxes of factory loads. I haven't done any temp testing and wont until I get the rifle back from the factory for the second time. It's a Sako lemmon. However, the velocity was there. How well it shoots in other rifles I think will depend on each individual rifle's temperment. The Sako is long throated and those bullets were seated about .140 off the lands to fit the mag.

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