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SOLD/EXPIRED 300 wm or Weatherby


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Jan 28, 2009
Rochester, NY
Thinking about re-barreling my Savage 116 from 6.5x55 to a 30 caliber. I feel like the 300 wm is pretty hard to beat. I expect this gun will be a typical under 750 yard gun and shorter for hunting. Targets and fun maybe 1000 or so. Am I on the right track? It seems as though the 300 wm like the 308 and 223 is a must have caliber.

Also, barrel idea, would like to keep the weight under 8 lbs. I am thinking about a manners thumbhole the MTS-GAT stock. I don't want the barrel too long or heavy, what weight and contour, twist, manufacturer?

I have owned the 300WM, Wby, and currently (2) 300RUM and you really cant go wrong with any of them. Longevity goes to the WM and knock down goes to RUM and Wby.

PS - You posted this in the Gun selling section :)
You'll need a barrel ( Shaw is great,but with a long wait, or a take-off in the caliber you want. 300 Win mag is more cmmon and you're likely to get a take-off for well uder $100. You'll also need a magnum bolt face or bolt. I have the 300 win and the weatherby, and I like and hunt with them both.

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