300 RUM scope mounting??

Chilly Willy

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Jan 5, 2004
I would like some feed back in mounting my 3200 elite 4-12 x40 AO on my Remington BDL 700 RUM. I'm looking to maximize accuary. Currently I have Leupold extension rings on it with the windage adjustable rear two peice base. Would a tactical style scope rail and tactical rings (Mark 4's) or something similar be best?
Badger Ordnance Rings and base with the 30mm to 1" reducers. When you upgrade to a 30mm scope, you will already have the rings.

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It is to me, because I know I will never have to worry if my mounting system is adequate.
The first time you shear that front turn-in dovetail you will appreciate what I am saying...
"is $300 bucks worth what you get out of the tactical base and rings?"

Yes, especially if you are using one of the heavier scope brands and/or a muzzle brake on a magnum rifle, especially .300 caliber and up.
"The first time you shear that front turn-in dovetail you will appreciate what I am saying... "

What do you think about the highly touted Dual Dovetails - gives a rig two tiny little dovetails to shear off, bend over, loosen, wobble etc. Turning two dovetails into slots rather than one is not my idea of tougher, it will grind more metal shavings tho. Guess they work if you baby them

Ain't nothing going to mess-up Weaver style tacticals, that is why they are used by the military.
I use the Badger and Leupold Mk 4's. It's nice to be able to take the scope off and re-mount it and not lose zero and it's a lot easier to carry a spare scope on a hunt. Just grab any scope off another rifle and pack it along, set it up if the need arises and if not just plunk it back onto the "donor" rifle upon return if it wasn't needed.

I skip, flop, roll, slide, drop and drag my rifles and have not lost a zero due to a ring or base coming loose. Some of my scopes have some pretty deep "character" marks from encounters with rocks, trees and 4 wheeler parts but these little bangs and scrapes are simply no worry with the tactical style mounting systems, zero remains at zero.

There is no way I'd ever go back to the less durable mounting systems.
I've got Burris signature's D/D and leupold D/D bases on my 300RUM.they are holding up to my brothers 375RUM,but it snapped 2 sets of reg. Burris windage rings.
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