.300 RUM 168grn Barnes TTSX

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by hoytaddict, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. hoytaddict

    hoytaddict Active Member

    Jan 4, 2012
    I'm having trouble finding any load data for the 168 grain Barnes TTSX. I have H-1000, Retumbo, and IMR 7828 on hand. Just looking to see if any of you guys have used this bullet in the .300 RUM with success, and what you pushed it with. Thanks
  2. Lefty7mmstw

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    May 13, 2012
    I've played with 150 and 165 grain pills in my 300rum a bit and haven't found them to do nearly as well as heavier pills, starting at 180 grains. That said I'd look at rl25, rl33, and retumbo and work up them starting with what you already have as you may not have to play with the others if you get a hit right away.

    With 180's in my 300 rum I'm at 93 to 94 grains rl25 at 3300 fps or so; alliant says 97 grains is the top for a 165 speer at 3270 in a 24" tube-- about 3350 to 3400 fps in a 26" barrel. I'd start at 93 grains with the 168 barnes and work to top pressure or 3400 fps-- whichever comes first. Same thinking with the other powders; start at low to mid 180 grain data and work up.