300 prc hammer bullets


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Aug 31, 2013
lebanon oregon
Has anyone shot the 199HH or 181HH I have a 24" 300 prc I'm thinking about using for elk and deer hunting , I have rl26,N570, retumbo, and h1000 to play with . Has anyone tried . Had any luck with this combo?
It's not a direct comparison, but I tried the 199s in my 300 Norma with N570. Velocity and 100 yard accuracy was great, but ES was poor. I think the combination of really slow powder and low bearing surface bullets never pressured up to allow consistency. I'd bet Retumbo would be similar.

In a PRC I would think H1000 and RE26 would probably work great.
I tried retumbo and Rl26 with the 195tmk and 173fmj smk yesterday to see how the pressure curve came up. I have a bunch of rl26 and only 2#s of retumbo but I will be shopping for retumbo. Rl26 I feel will be better with the less baring surface of the hammer. My rifle didn't shoot the 173's well with either but the speed was very consistent in the gains with the charge weight differences of .5 over 3 grains. Guys on the hide are having great luck with V565. I plan on trying Rl33 once I get my brass situation fixed with 225eld and 230 bergers.
300 prc
26" 9 twist barrel.
New adg brass
3.630 coal
199 hammer
76.0 gr RL26
Started at 3100, but barrel is speeding up and is now 3150. ES is around 10.

Way under 0.5 MOA out to 700 so far.
That's awesome I'm going to have to try this what would be a would starting point with rl26 and 199 hammers? With adg brass
I started at 72 and went up by 1 grain at a time. I reached pressure [ejector mark] at 79-80 grains.

I want to keep pressure lower to try and extend brass life right now, and so i picked 76gr which was right at 3100fps.

Near max pressure i was close to 3300.

My rifle has a tight chamber. I started with hornady brass and they were toast on 3rd firing. Was getting clickers and blew one primer way before my max load.

That is partly why I am not pushing it too hard and yet I'm still getting great speed.